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Here on Earth August 3, 2022: Good climate news to celebrate

Old coal plants are going green, America is planting a billion trees, and the Postal Service is electrifying its fleet — here's your weekly dose of climate news to celebrate.

Three Good climate news to celebrate

Progress in protecting our planet can be seen in the most unlikely of places, from retired coal plants to burnt woodlands.

Companies, governments, and people here on Earth are constantly working toward — and succeeding in — creating a cooler future for us all.

Here are three huge wins to celebrate:


Retired coal plants are now being used to supply renewable power

Retired coal plants

Coal plants across the country that once spewed carbon pollution into the air are now getting a second wind –– except this time around, these old sites are being used to supply cheap clean energy. Because the retired coal plants are already connected to the power grid, they are excellent options to be repurposed into solar power or battery projects. And although these repurposed coal plants can be found in a variety of states throughout the country, Illinois is toward the front of the pack, with nine coal plants designated to become renewable energy sites within the next three years.


The U.S. government is planting a billion trees across the country

Forest near beautiful lake. U.S. government planting trees.

In an effort to combat the overheating of the planet, the U.S. government promised it would be planting over a billion more trees. The announcement comes as the federal government acknowledged the importance of having resilient forests. The Department of Agriculture will need to hugely increase its supply of tree seedlings to meet this ambitious goal. Many of these trees will be planted on land that has recently been burned by wildfire, mostly in the western United States. Reforestation of the country continues to be an important strategy in helping to cool down our planet. 


The next USPS fleet will be at least 40% EVs

EVs USPS fleet

The USPS really delivered some good news recently, announcing it would be quadrupling its initial promise to electrify one tenth of its next generation fleet. Now, over 40% of the Postal Service's next 84,500 vehicles will be electric. That's almost 34,000 electric vehicles! These new EVs will modernize the USPS's old and aging fleet, all while ensuring the air has less harmful carbon pollution.

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