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Viral TikTok shows off one-of-a-kind speakers made from unexpected material: 'Really great concept'

Companies like Gomi Studios make sure that these materials are turned into something useful.

Gomi speakers are all handmade in their studios

Photo Credit: @girlandgallery / TikTok

A company is developing speakers made from recycled items, changing the way we dispose of garbage in a way that younger generations may appreciate. 

How it's all done is revealed in this brief TikTok video by Girl and Gallery (@girlandgallery), who introduces herself as Lucy and boasts just under 175,000 followers. 

"Gomi speakers are all handmade in their studios here in Brighton [within England]," says Lucy. 

The company, Gomi Studios, produces speakers that are inspired by art pieces and are handmade from plastic waste. Lucy explains how the recycled plastic is melted down and fitted into shape by getting twisted and pulled. 

The speakers are made from plastic bags and powered by e-bike batteries. Lucy explains the entire process in the TikTok video that looks and sounds rather innovative. 

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Turning waste, especially plastic, into something useful is always helpful for the planet, especially considering how plastic waste makes up 80% of all ocean pollution and the fact that around 8 million to 10 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year. 

This is harmful to marine wildlife, including dolphins, whales, and sea turtles, and can also affect human health as people may also end up ingesting plastic particles. 

In the United States, only about 5% of plastic actually gets recycled. 

Companies like Gomi Studios make sure that instead of ending up in the oceans, these materials are turned into something useful, like speakers for people to enjoy the music they love with high-quality sound. 

Commenters appeared to be quite enthusiastic about this intriguing approach to environmental protection while addressing the needs of younger consumers.

"Wow! Really great concept. I'll look them up, thank you," one commenter said. 

"Can anyone go to get one done? How much are they? Are they Bluetooth?" another asked.

"You can find their website in my bio for more info! Yes they are Bluetooth," Lucy responded. 

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