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Volvo unveils 3 electric machines that could revolutionize the construction industry: 'We want to lead [the change]'

"Our commitment to building a better world relies on us driving sustainable change across different equipment types and size classes."

"Our commitment to building a better world relies on us driving sustainable change across different equipment types and size classes."

Photo Credit: Volvo CE

Volvo CE announced a new lineup of electric machines at the company's Volvo Days 2024 that can revolutionize the construction industry, as reported by Electrek.

In May 2024, Swedish manufacturing company Volvo held A large event in Eskilstuna, Sweden, where it unveiled three new electric construction machines, adding to the company's already impressive lineup of all-electric equipment.

The lineup includes the L120 Electric wheel loader, the L90 Electric wheel loader, and the EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator. These three machines can help cut harmful pollution and save on energy costs.

"The construction industry is changing, and we at Volvo CE do not want to just take part in the change, we want to lead it," said Melker Jernberg, Head of Volvo CE, in a press release.

"Our commitment to building a better world relies on us driving sustainable change across different equipment types and size classes," Elodie Guyot, head of electromobility sales for region Europe at Volvo CE, said, per Electrek. "We are excited to continue delivering on this commitment now with three medium-sized zero-emission innovations, across new lines and sizes, all of which benefit from our industry-leading, high-performing electric technology."

The L120 Electric wheel loader, which can lift 6.6 tons of materials, offers five to nine hours on one charge. It also offers "near silent operation," according to a website description. This makes it useful for construction sites in busy areas such as "urban infrastructure maintenance, waste and recycling, agriculture, forestry, and ports and logistics centers."

The L90 Electric wheel loader, slightly smaller than the L120, offers almost 5-ton capacity and four to five hours of availability on one charge. Due to its size, it is useful for indoor operation and urban settings. As the "first electric wheel loader of its class," the L90 can lower operating costs and reduce maintenance. 

The EWR150 Electric wheeled excavator offers a 6.5-ton lifting capacity and a tight turning radius to give construction sites "superior performance and stability."

"These new ranges, alongside our electric solutions, prove that Volvo CE is well-equipped to respond to the different needs of our customers in both regulated and less regulated markets, leveraging our strength to implement meaningful innovation across all our offerings as we move closer towards our ambition for net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040," said Joakim Arndorw, Head of Sales Region International, in a statement.

The construction industry — which is expected to grow to $17 trillion by 2029, according to market data cited by ToolSense — is a major source of pollution. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the buildings and construction sector is responsible for about 37% of the world's harmful planet-warming pollution. 

All-electric construction machines can help reduce the demand for dirty energy from gas-powered machines, reduce noise pollution that harms workers and disrupts pedestrians, and reduce maintenance costs.

"The steps we are taking into the electrification of medium and heavy segment machines paves the way for more customers to decarbonize their operations and seize new business opportunities as societies worldwide transition to a low-carbon future," said Carl Slotte, Head of Sales Region Europe, in a statement.

Volvo has also made strides in affordable and accessible electric vehicle and machine technology, not just in the construction industry. It has invested in quicker EV chargers, transportable charging stations, and battery recycling. Its all-electric trucks and minivans are also helping change the game for EVs

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