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This revolutionary solar-powered van can charge itself while it's parked — without plugging into anything

Reservations for the EF1-V are available now.

EdisonFuture electric van, sun-powered van

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily growing in popularity, and as a result, we're getting wilder and more innovative vehicles seemingly every month.

The EF1-V van by EdisonFuture is a prime example. The van features solar panels on its roof that charge your car while you're driving or parked, and it can run on electricity without needing to be plugged into a charging station.

EdisonFuture describes the vehicle as "a robust and modern multi-purpose van for work, travel, family or personal use in varying road and environment conditions." 

EVs have been in the making for a long time, but solar-powered vehicles like EdisonFuture's delivery van and the Lightyear 0 are new to the market. 

The solar-powered roof saves time and money by eliminating the need to stop for gas or a charging station. Plus, the EF1-V boasts a number of other safety and convenience features, including mirrors specially designed with wider viewing angles to minimize blind spots, sliding doors on both sides for easy load-in with 400 cubic feet of space, and a 17-inch screen for climate control, GPS, and more. 

The van is sleek and state-of-the-art, and it's also helping to respond to the many issues that come with using dirty energy-powered vehicles. 

The tailpipes of gasoline-powered vehicles release poisonous, planet-warming gasses into the air. The same gasses are also released in the production of gasoline itself, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports.

A typical passenger vehicle produces about five tons of carbon dioxide per year. Solar-powered vehicles like the EdisonFuture van, however, produce none. Standard EVs do produce small amounts of greenhouse gasses, but it is significantly less than gas-powered vehicles.  

Taking into account how many delivery trucks and similar-sized vans are in use each day, transitioning even some of them to solar-powered vehicles like the EdisonFuture van could immensely cut down on fuel costs and environmental waste. 

Reservations for the EF1-V are available now, or for those looking for something more consumer-friendly, EdisonFuture also offers a solar-powered truck

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