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Chinese solar manufacturer unveils revolutionary anti-dust solar panels: 'A significant advancement in addressing the common issue'

In addition to reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance, the panels deliver reliable performance and efficiency.

In addition to reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance, the panels deliver reliable performance and efficiency.

Photo Credit: LONGi

Solar energy is about to get a lot cleaner and more efficient, thanks to game-changing anti-dust solar panels developed by Chinese solar technology company LONGi. 

The latest sun-powered panels — called the Hi-MO X6 Guardian module — address dirt and debris accumulation, according to a news release by the company. Customers in Australia often complained that the debris and dirt led to reduced efficiency,

While this model is only available for Australia's commercial and industrial market, LONGi plans to release a residential anti-dust module later this year, per pv magazine

The outlet reported that the Guardian can deliver a maximum power output of 590 watts and costs around $0.20 per watt. 

The solar modules feature a short-end-frame design, which allows rainwater to slide off the panels and keeps dust from building up near the sides where the frame and glass meet, as reported by pv magazine. According to SolarQuarter, the Hi-MO X6 also comes equipped with a small drainage slit within the frames to direct even more water away from the panels. 

Brett Robinson, national sales manager for LONGi Solar Australia, explained that the Guardian addresses the accumulation of dirt "head-on."

At the Smart Energy Council Conference and Expo 2024 in Sydney, Robinson said: "Our Global Customer Satisfaction survey revealed that dirt accumulation was a major concern for solar panel owners, leading to power loss and reduced performance. With the Hi-MO X6 Guardian Anti-Dust module, we have addressed this issue head-on by redesigning the frame to minimize the risk of hot spots and muck accumulation." 

While it's unclear how long the revolutionary panels have been in development, LONGi says they've performed "extensive research and testing," putting the anti-dust modules through 1,000 reliability tests and more than 500 days of onsite evaluations before introducing them at the conference, per the news release

"LONGi's newly developed anti-dust panels represent a significant advancement in addressing the common issue of dust accumulation on solar panels," SolarQuarter stated.

In addition to reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance, the panels deliver reliable performance and efficiency thanks to back contact technology, a groundbreaking advancement in solar technology. Because the metal ribbons that carry electricity to the device are placed on the back, sunlight can shine on the entire panel without obstructions. 

"Utilizing LONGi's Back Contact Technology-based anti-dust panels has resulted in a 6% additional power gain compared to standard modules, according to the company's R&D team," SolarQuarter explained.

Since the new panels absorb more sunlight, it will help customers save even more on energy bills while also reducing heat-trapping gases from dirty energy sources such as oil and gas in the atmosphere.

By continuing to expand solar projects and other forms of clean energy, we can help cool the planet and prevent extreme weather events that are occurring more frequently as the Earth warms.

The future looks bright as scientists and companies worldwide continue to achieve breakthroughs in solar panel efficiency and affordability, with methods such as using unlikely materials like fish oil and polymers.

In March, LONGi reportedly launched an anti-fingerprint Ultra Black module in Australia's residential market with a capacity of 440 watts. Its long-term vision includes achieving 100% annual renewable electricity sourcing by 2028 and bringing green power and green hydrogen projects to developing countries worldwide, according to a separate 2023 news release

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