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This startup makes faux 'fantasy fur' out plants: 'We are not trying to replace century-old traditions'

"We want to give everyone a new high-quality material to work with."

BioFluff, bio-based faux fur

Photo Credit: Biofluff

Move over, mink — there's a new, greener fur in town. 

BioFluff, a forward-thinking startup out of California, has invented an original bio-based faux fur made from plant fibers that mimic the properties, look, and feel of real animal fur. The company also has fun with what they call "fantasy" fur of unique, stylish patterns and colors.

BioFluff knows that people need warm, soft materials for warmth and comfort, especially in winter months. While this often means some type of fur, both animal and synthetic fur are harmful to the planet and the environment, including their eventual burning or disposal in landfills. 

Thankfully, there are more than 1,500 fur-free retailers around the world. But now, the fashion industry is moving toward abandoning synthetic fur since its fibers are made from fossil fuels.

The problem is that there is currently no sustainable alternative to either type of fur, and luxury fashion brands and their consumers need a sustainable substitute. 

This is where BioFluff comes in, with its 100% vegan, plant-based, GMO and plastic-free fur alternative.

As co-founder and CEO Martin Stübler stated, "We are not trying to replace century-old traditions and craftsmanships, but we want to give everyone a new high-quality material to work with."

The company's bio-based product is sustainably, ethically, and scalably made from low-cost natural plant fibers using retrofitted equipment and zero petrochemicals, making it great for the environment and our wallets. This patented process protects animal rights since it completely replaces fur farming, and it's more eco-friendly than practices for other crops with its increased biodiversity and better soil fertility.

The icing on the cake? BioFluff's faux fur can be customized to different colors, lengths, densities, strengths, insulation, suppleness, and more thanks to the company's individualized production process.

BioFluff is already in production and getting ready for seed funding this February, along with its first capsule product with a Paris client this year.

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