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Sustainability enthusiasts share simple trick to clean your wood stove without spending a dime: 'Works like a charm'

"I shall try this."

"I shall try this."

Photo Credit: Instagram

An Instagram account has shared a hack that proves cleaning the glass of your wood stove might be easier than you thought.

The scoop

Eco renovators and sustainability enthusiasts Hannah + Tom (@thegreenbungalow) demonstrated their natural cleaning tip using three household ingredients.

As it turns out, all you need is newspaper, ash, and water. 

Collect the ash from the stove and store it in a container. From there, crumble up the newspaper, dip it in water followed by the ash, and wipe the glass sparkling clean.

"Works like a charm," the account raved.

How it's helping

Cleaning hacks not only make your life easier, but they tend to be cheaper and safer. Using natural cleaning products avoids toxic chemicals in store-bought cleaners while minimizing single-use plastics

On average, people are exposed to 20 pounds of toxic chemicals a year, which contribute to chronic respiratory disease, allergic reactions, and headaches, according to the American Lung Association. Minimizing these numbers is great for our health and the environment.

Much of what we already have at home can be repurposed, taking the place of mass produced, store bought products that have a much larger carbon impact. 

If you're looking for more inspiration, you can replace Swiffer refills by making your own at home with old t-shirts. Remove limescale from faucets with lemons or limes that have already been squeezed. Walnuts can be used to fix scratches on wooden furniture. You can even make your own cleaning wipes at home with water, vinegar, non-toxic soap, and essential oils.

Making your own countertop cleaner with vinegar and orange peels is another way to save money while cleaning your home. In addition, washing your clothes on cold could save you up to $250 a year.

You can even grow your own sponges in your back yard, which are proven to be naturally odor free and anti-bacterial, as reported by Superbee. This hack is a great alternative to loofahs and kitchen scrubbers, which are breeding grounds for bacteria.

There are all kinds of fun cleaning tricks out there, and your wallet will thank you.

What people are saying

The hack was met with appreciation.

One Instagrammer commented, "Great tip."

"I shall try this," vowed another.

"I was mind blown when I first tried it," Hannah + Tom responded in the comments.

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