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Woman shares 'genius' hack to make use of annoying plastic dry cleaning sleeves: 'How resourceful'

"That's actually a good idea."

"That's actually a good idea."

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Recycling and reusing plastic can be quite simple, as long as you know how to repurpose the materials. 

Luckily, TikToker and self-proclaimed inventor Lindsay Albanese (@bylindsayalbanese) recently shared one eco-friendly way to reuse plastic bags that can save homeowners time and money — and you probably already have the bags in your closet. 

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The scoop

The hack, which was dubbed "genius" by some users, involves reusing plastic bags hung over clothes after they've been cleaned at a laundromat or dry cleaner. 

Albanese urged her followers not to throw out the bags and instead use her "cool repurposing hack." 

All people need to do is take the plastic bag off the clothes and knot the part of the bag where the clothing hanger typically pokes through. 

"And I go around to all the rooms in my house and use it as a trash bag," Albanese said.  

How it's helping

Recycling or reusing items is just one way to reduce individual waste, decrease air-heating pollution, and protect the environment around you. It is also an easy solution for cutting costs on items such as large garbage bags — particularly if you do not need an entire box. 

Homeowners can save money by repurposing plastic clothing bags since most people need to buy trash bags often. But getting in the habit of reusing such items will ensure positive long-term eco-friendly impacts, as it will help reduce the amount of plastic that reaches landfills, where it generates dangerous air pollutants. 

If you do not need to reuse plastic bags in your home, it is important to remember how to properly dispose of or recycle them. Experts have found that plastic bags, cling film, and similar products can be dangerous to wildlife and spoil nature if not taken care of. Animals may mistake these items for food, or the items may get caught in rivers and trees. 

Most grocery stores and large retailers offer recycling services for customers to bring their unwanted plastics and bags. Be sure to check with your local stores to see what is available in your region. 

🗣️ What of these benefits would most effectively motivate you to use fewer plastic-packaged cleaning products?

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Some retailers may even offer cash in exchange for certain recyclable materials, including empty cans and bottles.

What people are saying

Dozens of other TikTok users raved about the hack, with some saying they had been using the plastic bags for similar purposes for years. 

Others were totally surprised.

"Omg that's actually a good idea," one user wrote. 

"How resourceful! Thanks!" another chimed in.

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