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From Gucci bags to Balenciaga shoes, here's how to get luxury items at a seriously big discount

The platform makes it seamless for users to sell their goods, too.

Vestiaire Collective

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When it comes to discount luxury shopping, Vestiaire Collective is the place to be. 

What is Vestiaire Collective?

Vestiaire Collective is a platform that aims at giving luxury items a second life. From Gucci bags to Balenciaga shoes, users on the platform can resell their luxury goods or buy them from others at a discounted rate.

The platform makes it seamless for users to sell their goods to its global community of 23 million buyers. It breaks its process down into three simple steps: list it, ship it, and get paid.

Sellers first send in photos and information about their item, then ship it with a prepaid label provided by Vestiaire. The company works to make the sale move quickly.

Before sending their luxury goods in, sellers can find a page of 10 insider seller tips on the platform to guide them. Once the item has been received and listed, Vestiaire promptly alerts shoppers who are most likely to purchase the item. Sellers receive 85% of the sale price — the rest goes toward shipping and transaction fees.

The platform also makes discounted luxury shopping exciting and effortless. With more than 30,000 pieces added weekly, shoppers are sure to find the item of their dreams. There's no need to worry about authenticity either, as Vestiaire uses a team of more than 60 authentication experts.

Why is Vestiaire Collective important?

Vestiaire Collective is important because it encourages luxury goods owners to extend the lifetimes of their items, while also providing a way to purchase these pre-loved items at discounted rates.

And if it's not luxury you're looking for, there's no need to fear. There are many more companies working to resell and repurpose pre-loved goods.

You can find discounted, lightly used sneakers on SneakerCycle, camping gear rentals from Re(Adventure), and cash for your old electronics at Best Buy. Goodwill –– the resale champion we all know and love –– has even launched an online platform called GoodwillFinds to elevate the thrifting experience. 

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