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Homeowner devastated after returning home to mysteriously ravaged garden: 'This is happening more often all over'

"That's awful."

"That's awful."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Gardening isn't always easy. It requires a lot of TLC, from the watering and pruning to the weeding and upkeep. There is a lot of pride that goes into it.

Gardener and TikToker Chris Myers (@chrismyers9337) posted a video to show what happened to his garden while he was at work.

@chrismyers9337 someone tore up the garden and stole most of the vegetables #fyp #following #garden #gardensoftiktok #canning #canningtiktok #vandalized #theft ♬ original sound - Chris Myers

The footage reveals the aftermath of his garden being trampled through and destroyed by an unknown perpetrator. 

 A trail of peppers leads from the garden through the yard.

"Someone tore up the garden and stole most of the vegetables," Chris wrote in the caption.

Chris said he called the cops, who didn't seem to be all that concerned with the scandal. He's hoping his neighbor's security camera caught the vandal.

Unfortunately, acts such as this aren't so uncommon. A Redditor reported their trees were ripped out and thrown into the creek twice in one month. A garden meant to provide food for charity and neighbors in need was found covered in salt, killing the produce and wrecking the soil. 

This type of vandalism is extremely disheartening for those who have chosen to incorporate gardening into their lives. Harvard Health reported that gardening is associated with increased fiber intake, lower stress, and better overall health.

Additionally, gardening saves money on continually growing grocery prices. Most importantly, it eases the stress on the planet, which is something we should all be excited about.

Agriculture is responsible for 11% of planet-warming pollution, according to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Gardening decreases the demand for mass-produced, store-bought, and globally shipped produce, reducing the impact of packaged and transported goods.

The benefits of gardening are rewarding and vast. From endless strawberries, garlic, and onions to apartment gardening, the options are bountiful.

The post garnered a lot of attention from people eager to find the culprit.

One Tiktoker commented, "This is happening more often all over."

"I'm sorry that happened to your beautiful garden," another empathized.

"That's awful. I will never understand destroying anyone's property," another TikToker sighed.

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