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Low-waste living expert shares wildly simple hack for cleaning floors: 'There are reusable ones of these'

"Such a good hack!!"

“Such a good hack!!”

Photo Credit: TikTok

Swiffer has long been one of the kings of cleaning products. Used for dusting, mopping, and sweeping, Swiffer has it all. But a TikToker has a simple and eco-friendly hack to make cleaning with your Swiffer better for the environment, too. 

The scoop

Swiffer mops may be convenient, but having to buy an endless supply of pads and tossing them after each use can be a bummer, which is where Happy Earth Habits (@skysaba) comes in, sharing her super simple hack for eliminating the Swiffer pad. 

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"There are reusable ones of these, but I just use a towel that I already have," she says. "I will stick this guy on here like this. You want to make sure that it's tight and it's secure."

That's seriously how simple this hack is. As she says in the caption of the video, "use what you got, baby."

She goes on to explain that she uses a simple spray cleaner and then tosses the towel into the wash. If you want to take this hack a step further, consider mixing up your own floor cleaner at home. You can use some pretty simple ingredients that you already have at home for an all-purpose cleaner, wood polish, or even stain remover

How it's helping

Cleaning hacks like this can save you some serious cash. With a pack of Swiffer pads coming in at about $15, that can add up after just a few uses. One TikToker even eliminated paper towel usage and Swiffer pads with one purchase.

And as TikToker points out, this doesn't just help your wallet. 

"I don't buy the Swiffer pads because one: it wastes money and two: single-use, disposable – we don't need to do that," she says. 

Single-use products like Swiffer pads really stack up in landfills. American households produce 292 million tons of trash every single year — about five pounds of trash per person per day. 

Not to mention, Swiffer pads come in plastic containers, contributing to about 40 million tons of plastic waste being thrown away in the United States. While plastic can often be recycled, only around 5% is actually making its way to sorting facilities. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers loved how simple this switch could be. 

"Gonna start doing this!" one person wrote. "You've inspired me."

"Such a good hack!!" another said. 

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