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Woman transforms old IKEA shelf into stunning cabinet: 'Definitely looks better'

"You did a wonderful job!"

"You did a wonderful job!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Looking for your next DIY project? This TikToker will show you how to upcycle old box shelves.

The scoop

Willow Faith (@willowfaith0) shared how she gave her old Ikea cabinets a brand-new look.

@willowfaith0 Replying to @le frog definitely could have saved me paint and time but I just wanted to use what we already had. #ikeahack #kallaxdiy #wasteless #climateaction #upcycling #furnitureflip #diyprojects #kallax ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

She says, "I bought this Kallax about six years ago and it definitely served its purpose, and instead of just throwing it out or selling it … I thought, 'What can we do to upcycle it?'"

In the video, Willow gives the Kallax a few coats of white paint and adds some DIYed doors to create a farmhouse chic look. For the full and detailed instructions for this project — down to the exact paint Willow uses — Willow wrote in a comment that she recommends her YouTube tutorial.

Her inspiration for the project? "I want to be more mindful of the waste that I'm creating," she says. 

How it's helping

If you've got furniture at home that could use a little love, there are many ways to transform it into something new.

Give your nightstand a new look, or turn a broken piano into a stunning bookshelf. Whether you're a DIY novice or an upcycling expert, The Cool Down has guides to help you flip your furniture.

If you're not looking to upcycle, give your furniture, clothes, or equipment a second chance by selling or donating. Many stores are more than happy to accept your donations — just be sure to check their guidelines. 

As for selling, sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist make listing items easy. But if your couch or table isn't in selling or donating condition, the materials can possibly be recycled

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that more than 12 million tons of furniture was thrown away in 2018, and 80.1% of this furniture ended up in landfills. This is unfortunate, as many furniture materials, like wood, metal, and glass, are salvageable and recyclable.

What everyone's saying

Commenters overwhelmingly agreed that Willow's DIY "definitely looks better."

"You did a wonderful job!" one person wrote.

"Eco slay," said another. 

Meanwhile, one user shared they had a similar idea. 

"I upcycled and repainted my kallax too and I love it now," they said. "Sooo glad I [didn't] get rid of it."

"Adding doors is so smart," another commented. "I have a 6-cube organizer that I could do this to!"

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