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Professional thrifters astound TikTok with $10 'upcycle challenge' video: 'What a fantastic idea'

"Honestly if this were a show I'd binge it."

Upcycle challenge

Thrifting is only getting more popular, and plenty of TikTokers are jumping on the trend. 

There are plenty of users like Tommy Foreign and Jordan Deery, who run the brand Vintage Stock Reserve (@vintagestockreserve) and use their platform to showcase the fun side of the thrifting world.

In one video, the duo launched an upcycle challenge that shows how secondhand shopping can be exciting, budget-saving, and highly creative. 

@vintagestockreserve Thrift Shop Upcycle Challenge😱♻️ #upcycledfashion #thriftshop #diy #sustainable #clothing #fashion ♬ original sound - VSR

The challenge is based on the concept of "upcycling" clothing and other items. Upcycling is the process in which discarded items are repurposed to create a new product — in this case, clothing and accessories. 

In the "Upcycle Challenge," each competitor has $10 and 10 minutes at a thrift store to find two items that they normally wouldn't buy. Then, they spin a spinner to randomly decide on a clothing item or accessory that they both have to create out of the items they chose. The person with the best creation wins. 

The video highlights just how fun and creative thrifting can be. One of the TikTokers uses a backpack and camouflage-patterned toddler shirt to create "a utility-style bucket hat with an adjustable strap and stash pocket." 

Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on a flashy new hat or buying into fast fashion — clothing that is affordable but relies on processes and materials that are harmful to the environment — Foreign and Deery demonstrate that you can make a personalized and unique clothing item with just $10. 

The Vintage Stock Reserve sells its own upcycled clothing and accessory items on its website, but the company uses apps like TikTok to encourage viewers to thrift for themselves. 

The brand's mission states a variety of aims, including "encouraging the development of your unique personal style and confidence" and "advocating for knowledgeable consumption." 

Overall, TikTok commenters were extremely excited by the challenge. Many asked the duo to create more videos.

"Honestly if this were a show I'd binge it," one user wrote. 

"I'm impressed," another added. 

"What a fantastic idea," another wrote. "Beautiful craftsmanship."

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