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Gardener shares simple and mega-cheap hack to make the most of a small garden: 'It's so easy'

You can get it at most garden supply stores.

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Photo Credit: @catherinegardens/ TikTok

Getting ready to plant your spring garden? A TikToker shows off a budget-friendly vertical gardening tip that will save you space and money and bring a gorgeous trellis into your garden, too.

The Scoop

In the video, the TikToker Catherine Gardens (@catherinegardens) shows off an arch trellis that they made by using cattle fencing that you can get at most garden supply stores.

@catherinegardens Taking votes on what to plant to climb this cattle panel trellis for this season. Fun decision to make! @tractorsupply #cattlepaneltrellis #cattlepanel #verticalgarden #verticalgardening #garden #gardening #plants #gardenhack #budgetgarden #startagarden #growyourownfood ♬ Forever Young - Alphaville

The TikToker says they bought a 16-foot by 50-inch piece of the cattle fencing for about $35. The video shows that it makes a lovely, sturdy arch and stays put in the soil. 

Last year, the TikToker grew squash on their trellis. "You can also do tomatoes, flowers, anything that vines," reads the video.

How it's helping

Garden trellises and pergolas can transform the look and feel of your garden, but they can set you back a pretty penny, too, costing between a few hundred dollars and several thousand depending on the style. Getting creative with an inexpensive hack such as a panel of cattle fencing can save you money while still giving your garden a gorgeous makeover.

Plus, it's not just for looks. As the TikToker says, you can grow squash and tomatoes on the trellis. Beans, cucumbers, and grapes all vine. 

Growing your own fruits and vegetables makes healthy food more accessible and helps to cut down on your grocery bills. If you've ever shopped for heirloom tomatoes at your local farmers market, you know they can get pricey

What everyone's saying

TikTokers were in love with the hack. One user says they did the same thing. "We arched them between our two raised beds for a tunnel of beans and cucumbers."

"These panels literally bend and then you stake in the ground. They're super versatile and it's so easy," writes another user.

Another TikToker says they also have an arch and are using it to make a green wall in front of their house and "eventually our patio."

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