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Shopper ecstatic after discovering valuable surprise in pocket of thrifted jeans: 'I was compelled to get them'

"It finally happened!"

"It finally happened!"

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A regular trip to the thrift store turned into a joyous occasion for one Savers shopper, who found a hundred-dollar bill in a pair of thrifted jeans they purchased.

"It finally happened!" the Reddit user posted on r/ThriftStoreHauls. They wrote, "I found a cold hard $100 in a pair of pants I thrifted. The pants don't fit but I'll take it."

In reply to a comment, they detailed what they bought: "A pair of Levi's that were priced kind of high but I was compelled to get them…"

"It finally happened!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

For dedicated thrift and resale shoppers, looking for hidden treasure is one of the joys of the practice — whether that means finding a rare or valuable item, or simply stumbling across long-forgotten cash tucked away in a pocket.

"That's a good day!" one Redditor commented

Others had their own success stories to share. "I found a $50 bill in the tiny fifth pocket of some jeans at Goodwill once," another wrote.

There are numerous other benefits to shopping at thrift stores. Even without finding cash in pockets, shoppers buying secondhand goods usually spend around one-third of what they'd spend buying new — and that adds up, especially with the average American spending roughly $1,800 per year on clothing. One report from Coupon Follow found that shoppers who consistently buy used goods save up to $1,700 annually

Another benefit of shopping secondhand is that it fights the pressing issue of fast fashion. Fast fashion, the practice of manufacturing low-quality, low-cost clothing, is harmful on a global scale.

From unsafe working conditions for garment workers to heavy water usage, chemical byproducts, and textile waste, the industry produces a wide array of negative effects. Each year, Americans alone send over 20 billion pounds of clothing and textiles to landfills — the equivalent of carbon pollution from around 42,000 cars in that same time span.

Fortunately, buying thrifted garments circumvents the need to buy into the fast fashion world. And thankfully, the thrift market is continuing to grow in popularity. 

The 2023 Resale Report from used clothing sellers thredUP reported that globally, the secondhand market is set to nearly double by 2027, reaching a $350 billion value. The National Association of Resale Professionals estimates that resellers will account for 20% of the clothing market by 2031.

"Good for you," one person wrote on the Reddit thread. "Enjoy spending it!" 

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