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Tesla Sentry footage captures woman red-handed in brazen act of vandalism

The owner had left his Tesla Model Y for only 30 minutes.

The owner had left his Tesla Model Y for only 30 minutes.

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A Tesla owner has turned to social media to help identify a woman who was caught by the vehicle's security features keying the rear door of the car.

After the culprit vandalized his car, a Canadian man shared the footage with the TikTok account WhamBaamTeslacam (@whambaamteslacam) last December in hopes of catching her.

@whambaamteslacam This woman scratched a tesla! #scratch#vandalism#key#damage#caughtoncamera#tesla#haters#karma#police#entertainment#foryoupahe#whambaamteslacam#foryou#fy ♬ original sound - WhamBaamTeslacam

The owner had left his Tesla Model Y for only 30 minutes before the car's Sentry Mode — a feature that allows owners to use a dashcam and side-view cameras to record potentially suspicious activities, even when the car is parked — captured a woman surveying his Tesla

The woman then motioned to someone off-screen as if she needed a moment before leaving a scratch on the vehicle that looked to be around a foot long.

Unfortunately, the narrator from the video said the Tesla owner had filed a police report but that it's unlikely law enforcement would be able to identify the guilty party, meaning the owner may need to identify the woman himself and consider taking civil action. 

Though it's unclear what prompted the act, there's no doubt that the rise in popularity of electric vehicles has led to some backlash.

Several other Tesla owners have dealt with someone cosmetically damaging their vehicles. Meanwhile, others have been coal-rolled — an act that entails a driver targeting EV drivers, bikers, and pedestrians with excessive plumes of smoke while driving illegally modified diesel vehicles.

Both are discouraging trends that hopefully don't prevent prospective EV owners from pivoting to a different option.

EVs don't produce any tailpipe pollution, which means that they can help reduce carbon dioxide pollution by over 10,000 pounds a year relative to cars that use gas, since the energy sources that power the electrical grid — even coal — are much more efficient than burning gasoline.

Furthermore, EVs are lower-maintenance and don't need gas, saving owners around $1,500 annually.

"[TizzyEnt] can easily help find her," one user said, referencing a popular social media sleuth who specializes in catching perpetrators of physical and verbal harassment. 

"Get her," another user commented, hoping the car-keyer would be brought to justice. 

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