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'Fixer to Fabulous' host switches client's water heating system to space-saving tankless alternative for on-demand temperature controls — and major savings

A tankless water heater is just one of many home improvements that can save you money and help cool down the planet.

A tankless water heater is just one of many home improvements that can save you money and help cool down the planet.

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A cold shower is a great way to wake up in the morning. However, it's not always a wake-up call we get by choice. Running out of hot water in the middle of your shower can be a startling way to begin your day. Luckily, there is one way to ensure you never run out of hot water again. 

Traditional water heaters hold water in big, bulky tanks that take up a lot of space in your house. HGTV's Dave Marrs ran into this beastly problem on an episode of "Fixer to Fabulous" when the client wanted to add a sink to their laundry room. 

Dave's solution? A tankless water heater. 

Trading out the big water tank for a small tankless heater provided Dave with the extra space needed to make the client's wishes come true. 

Tankless water heaters have numerous benefits over traditional storage tank heaters. The size is a major one — they're about the size of a small suitcase and hang on the wall. Constant hot water is another notable bonus. Using either gas or electricity, they instantly heat water as it passes through, providing an endless supply of hot water.

Tankless heaters are also significantly more energy efficient. According to the Department of Energy, homes that use 41 gallons or less of water daily can be 24% to 34% more energy efficient than ones using storage tank heaters and up to 50% if you install multiple heaters. 

While tankless heaters are often more expensive to buy and install, they also last longer. According to Forbes, most tankless heaters cost between a couple hundred and a couple thousand dollars, with the average heater costing around $800. Most traditional tank heaters are in the $600 to $800 range. Installation costs are also slightly higher for tankless heaters. 

However, gas tankless heaters can last over 20 years and can often be repaired to last even longer. Electric tankless heaters typically last around 10 years but are less expensive than their gas counterparts. Meanwhile, storage tank heaters tend to last between eight and 15 years

Even though tankless heaters are more expensive to buy, the savings on your energy bill and their longer lifespan mean they save you money in the long run. 

Many of the reasons that tankless heaters are likely a better option for you are the same reasons they're good for the environment. 

Anytime a product lasts longer, fewer things are sent to a landfill. Instead of trashing a giant tank every eight to 15 years, you're only getting rid of a small suitcase-sized panel every 20 years or so. It also means fewer resources are needed to produce water heaters, which reduces the need for dirty energy sources like oil, coal, and gas

Electric tankless heaters also eliminate the need for toxic natural gas, which is primarily methane — a leading cause of our planet's overheating.

A tankless water heater is just one of many home improvements that can save you money and help cool down the planet. Weatherizing your home, adding solar panels, and investing in a heat pump are all fantastic ways to limit your dependence on dirty energy sources while also saving you a pretty penny, especially if you utilize government incentives

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