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Fisherman reveals unbelievable thrift store purchase made for just $1: 'Anyone can see that this stuff is worth a lot more'

"That price sounds fishy to me."

Tackle box full of fishing equipment at thrift store

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Let's face it: Getting a good deal feels great. And one Redditor recently took the term savvy shopper to the next level when they scored a tackle box full of equipment for just a buck.

"$1 for all this? Yes, please!" the person posted on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. They added a picture of their haul that included long nose pliers, lures, and fishing line.

tackle box full of fishing equipment
Photo Credit: u/Gust_2012 / Reddit

Thrifting is a great way to save money. Posters in that subreddit, which has 2.7 million members, often post about seriously discounted items like this $300 pair of jeans purchased for just $8 and this vintage Cartier purse that one woman brought home for $1.

Plus, when you thrift, you're also giving a helping hand to the planet by investing in previously loved items instead of buying new. While it's fun to get new stuff, it takes a lot of water, energy, and natural resources to produce clothing and household items. Buying them secondhand removes this impact on the environment.

Being thrifty also helps ease pressure on landfills. Americans produce 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste per year (that's nearly five pounds per person per day). Shockingly, half of that makes its way into landfills. By shopping secondhand, you are helping to keep perfectly good items out of the nation's landfills, which are running out of space.

The community was stoked about the user's unlikely find, with one person joking: "That price sounds fishy to me."

A more serious commenter added: "Anyone can see that this stuff is worth a lot more than $1. I'd like (to) think someone who can't fish anymore hoped somebody would value all their stuff, and use it to carry on fishing with."

"I'd have bought that for a dollar and I don't even fish," another person said.

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