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Tenant aghast after landlord inexplicably destroys sentimental landscaping: '[They] said we could plant whatever we wanted'

"He comes over often … I feel like he just wants to check up on the house or us."

"He comes over often … I feel like he just wants to check up on the house or us.”

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One landlord's unnecessary cruelty enraged the Reddit comment section on r/LandlordLove.

The ironically-named subreddit is a place for tenants to vent frustration about their landlords and systemic problems caused by landlords as a whole. It's full of stories of unreasonable behavior and inappropriate exercises of power, like these landlords who forbade air conditioning during a dangerously hot summer, tore up their tenants' backyard with no warning, and illegally refused to repair a damaged and dangerous furnace.

This example isn't as far-reaching, but it's just as shocking in its pettiness. "Landlord cut down my plants," said this Redditor. "Been renting a house for 6 months now. First place in 5 years where I've had a yard. … The landlords said we could plant whatever we wanted in the flower beds."

The Redditor said they took advantage of that opportunity to make a sweet memory with a loved one. "I planted sunflowers in the flower bed with my girlfriend," they said.

As one commenter pointed out, sunflowers are more than just beautiful blossoms. "Sunflower seeds are a good source of beneficial plant compounds, including phenolic acids and flavonoids — which also function as antioxidants," they said. Plus, healthy plants purify the air and prevent soil erosion.

Sadly, the flowers didn't last long enough to produce those seeds. "Landlord came over to mow/weed whack and cut them down," said the original poster. "First time it was a couple in the back that were doing poorly, but … I was cooking when he cut down the last of them. I watched him hesitate a moment then swept the weed whacker over my two Santa Fe sunflowers."

The original poster responded immediately. "I saw red and went out to confront him. He finished the lawn and I had some more choice words for him."

After the dust settled, however, the original poster started to question the entire interaction. "I kinda felt like an a** because he's [an] older guy and I clearly made him feel like s***," they said. "However I offered to mow the lawn and he still came over to do it. He comes over often … I feel like he just wants to check up on the house or us."

A commenter confirmed the original poster's suspicion. "He is [checking] on you," they asserted. "Good that you made him feel like s***, poor sunflowers."

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