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TikToker sparks outrage with 'horrifying' display in their home: 'I can't imagine how much money was spent'

"Literally missing the point…"

“Literally missing the point..."

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One Redditor sparked a flurry of frustrated comments when they shared a screenshot of a TikToker's "tumbler wall."

The tumblers in question were mostly reusable Stanley cups — dozens of them. Normally, reusable cups and water bottles are a good choice for the environment, but as these Redditors pointed out, you can have too much of a good thing.

"Literally missing the point of reusable bottles," said the original poster, sharing their photo of a wall lined with three long shelves filled end-to-end with cups. Every color of the rainbow is represented, and one shelf is filled mainly with different shades of brown and gray.

@carolinakyung Updated tumbler wall #stanley #starbucks #tumbler ♬ original sound - Carolina Kyung

"This is … honestly horrifying," one user commented.

The Redditor shared this post on r/Anticonsumption, a subreddit where the slogan is "consumerism kills." Users of this subreddit — almost 700,000 of them — are dedicated to cutting back on the products they buy and the waste they generate. They save money, and they protect the Earth from extra trash, pollution, and the overuse of resources.

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Normally, people with that mindset are all for switching to reusable water bottles and coffee cups. You can save $1,300 a year by buying one or two reusable bottles instead of an ongoing supply of disposable ones. Plus, you'll have way less trash to deal with, and you'll keep hundreds of plastic, paper, and styrofoam containers out of landfills.

Buying 50 expensive brand-name bottles does kind of defeat the purpose, though.

"I can't imagine how much money was spent on this display," said one commenter. "Not to mention how the cups cost $20-40 each. Then to have to display them. I can't imagine having to constantly clean that."

"At first I thought this was a store display," said another user. "I was going to say 'what's wrong with these?'"

"If she NEVER buys another cup again, then cool, great collection. One cup per each outfit," said a third commenter. "But I bet she's never used any of them more than once."

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