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Home expert shares shockingly simple trick for ridding mugs of stubborn coffee and tea residue: 'No more stains'

"I won't drink out of a mug that has coffee or tea stains in it."

"I won't drink out of a mug that has coffee or tea stains in it."

Photo Credit: TikTok

If you rely on a morning cup of coffee or tea to ensure productivity during your day, you may be familiar with having a collection of stained mugs in your house.

While you may have scrubbed in vain while trying to get these marks off, one TikToker has come to the rescue with an almost annoyingly simple tip. 

The scoop

Home and body hygiene expert Madame Sweat (@madamesweat) has shared the cleaning hack with their over 800,000 followers. In a fifteen-second video, they may have saved you hours' worth of scrubbing.

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"I don't know about you, but I won't drink out of a mug that has coffee or tea stains in it," they begin the video. 

Simply adding baking soda and water to the mug, allowing it to soak, and then putting it in the dishwasher will make your mug as good as new.

"No more stains," they say, showing the inside of a mug that is now sparkling clean.

How it's helping

According to Dr. Oetker, a German food company, baking soda — also known as bicarbonate of soda — is a mild alkali that can break down organic particles like grease and dirt. It also helps absorb odors, as baking soda reacts with these acidic elements and neutralizes them.

The company also noted that you can create a stronger natural cleaning product by mixing baking soda with lemon juice or vinegar for even tougher stains. You can even clean silver, your oven, burnt pans, and washing machines using baking soda.

You might be surprised about what everyday items can help with household tasks — and avoid the need for toxic chemicals. For example, one TikToker has demonstrated how using a walnut can help erase scratches on wooden furniture, while another used a lemon and vinegar mix as a natural, antibacterial kitchen cleaner. 

What people are saying

TikTokers shared their appreciation for baking soda in the comments, with one user saying they "use it for many things."

Madame Sweat also replied to a couple of users, noting that they like to use baking soda as a more natural cleaning alternative compared to magic erasers and bleach, observing that after use, you'll then be eating or drinking from some of the things you've cleaned. 

"Lifesaver," another user said of the hack.

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