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Woman reveals brilliant kitchen use for those random silica bead packets: 'Don't throw them away'

"I always thought they were poison growing up!"

"I always thought they were poison growing up!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

A home designer wowed TikTokers after she demonstrated a useful life hack that will change your view of silica bead packets.

The home designer, Jillian (@jillian__011), shared how she puts silica bead packets to practical use in a TikTok video

"Don't throw them away," Jillian said. 

@jillian__011 Stop throwing away those little silica gel packets and do this insyead! #lifehack #lifehacks #fyp #homeimprovement #homecooking #homehacks #househacks #freetip #freelifehack #recycling #recycle ♬ original sound - jillian_

The scoop

In the video, Jillian explains that silica bead packets are commonly packed with newly purchased goods to absorb moisture. For this reason, Jillian often places the packets in her kitchen drawers and cupboards to prevent moisture buildup after dishwashing.

"You know when you're doing dishes, whether you hand wash or use a dishwasher, obviously they're not always dry every single time you put them away. Whether it's silverware, plates, bowls, etcetera," Jillian explained. "Instead of throwing these little packets away, just throw a couple in your drawer with your silverware."

How it's helping 

Jillian's clever silica bead packet hack is a convenient way to prevent water or mold damage to your kitchen's cupboards and drawers. According to Angi, the average cost to replace the bottom of a single kitchen cabinet ranges between $150 to $200. By reusing silica bead packets, you are able to protect your kitchen for minimal costs.

Reusing silica gel packets also has environmental benefits. Since silica gel packets contain non-biodegradable plastic, they cannot be recycled and often end up in landfills or oceans, contributing to ongoing pollution issues. Jillian's practical trick to reuse silica packets is another step toward making greener choices and helping reduce plastic waste.

What everyone's saying

Most viewers of Jillian's TikTok were glad to learn about the useful life hack but concerned about whether children would mistake it for salt. A common misconception of silica gel beads is that they are poisonous, as packets often contain a label that advises against eating them. However, they are not poisonous — the small size of the beads are the main cause for concern for accidental ingestion because of the risk of choking.

"I always thought they were poison growing up!" A TikTok user commented.

"Had no idea they weren't poisonous," another wrote.

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