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Home designer shares 'genius' method for putting silica bead packets to good use: 'How have I never heard of this?'

"I'm always so quick to toss!"

"I'm always so quick to toss!"

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Silica gel packets contain water-absorbing particles that prevent items from humidity damage. Although these moisture-wicking packs have numerous uses, most people throw them away.

Instagrammer Sarah Teresinski (@redeux_style) shares 15 simple ways to reuse silica gel packets to avoid tossing them in the trash. 

The scoop

You can store silica gel packets in a tightly sealed container, such as a glass jar, to preserve the moisture-absorbing particles. 

If your packets need to recharge, Sarah explains an easy hack for resetting your silica gel packets. Simply place them outside in a spot where they can absorb the sun and dry out. Letting the gel packs sit in the sun for a couple of hours dries out all the moisture.  

To reuse your packets and prevent unwanted moisture, Sarah suggests placing your silica gel packs in the bottom of school backpacks, lunch boxes, toothbrush holders, gym bags, beach bags, diaper bags, and shoes.

You can also add a silica gel packet to your toolbox or silverware drawer to prevent metal and silver items from rusting over time. If you have important documents or precious photos in storage, add a silica gel packet to prevent water stains from developing.

"So whether they come in a box or come in your food, don't throw these silica gel packets away," says Sarah. "Keep them out of a landfill, pop them in a jar, and keep them safe until you need them. They will come in really handy around your house to help prolong the life of things. And remember, you can recharge them in the sun."

How it's helping

Sarah's silica gel hack is a great way to extend the life of your home items, saving you money in the long run. By preventing water damage and preserving your household products, you won't have to purchase new items as often.

Reusing silica gel packets is also an easy way to protect the environment. 

Silica gel packets contain non-biodegradable plastic. When they get thrown out, they either end up in a landfill or the ocean indefinitely. The chemicals inside silica gel packets are toxic for both humans and wildlife when ingested. 

By reusing your silica gel packets, you're preventing them from ending up in the ocean or a landfill. 

What everyone's saying

Commenters were amazed to discover so many ways to reuse silica gel packets. 

"Wow… another genius idea! I'm always so quick to toss!" commented one Instagrammer.

"Wow–how have I never heard of this?! We live on a lake. This is huge! Thank you," wrote another user.

Others shared how they reuse the packets.

"Don't forget to use them with silver jewelry, no tarnish," commented one user. 

"I use these packets to store my shoes over the winter or summer. Also for my purse/bags!  Thank you for the tips!!!" wrote another.

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