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Shopper discovers 'rare' statement piece for next to nothing before learning about its wild presidential connection: 'This is an absolute bargain my friend'

President Ford had one in this color in his Oval Office.

Rip Van Lee chair

Photo Credit: u/nautile/ Reddit

Vintage furniture is, quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving — and as one Redditor confirms with their stunning secondhand score, it's the gift that doesn't have to cost you thousands of dollars either.

"1960s Rip Van Lee chair for $50 on [Facebook] Marketplace," the user captions a photo in the thrift store hauls subreddit. "It's the chair I never knew I needed."

The photo shows off the blue tufted chair in pristine condition.

Facebook Marketplace is quickly becoming one of the go-to destinations for secondhand and vintage furniture. And just like shopping in secondhand stores, the Marketplace can be full of great deals, like this chair. 

You can also find some other unique secondhand finds like this Staub Dutch oven one secondhand shopper recently scored.

But wherever you find your statement furniture, buying it secondhand will help you to save money on great finds, like this Redditor's score. In fact, a recent report found you can save $150 a month by shopping secondhand. 

Buying those items secondhand will also help you to keep them from clogging up secondhand stores or winding up in landfills, where they can contribute to the global pollution problem.

Redditors were in awe of the score. 

"This is an absolute bargain my friend," writes one user who shared some history on the chair. "This is a Carl Forslund rip van lee, this one is is the rare light blue. Known as the Gerald R. Ford blue, he had one this color in his Oval Office," they write.

Another Redditor was shocked by the $50 price tag, noting they paid $1,200 for the same chair.  "Literally the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in," they say.

"If that chair could talk," another user says. "Absolutely stunning piece of upholstery — must have won first prize somewhere."

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