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Gardener reveals how to avoid the big mistake most people make when repotting their plants: 'This just changed my life'

"Wish I saw this yesterday."

Gardener Replanting

Photo Credit: @tannertheplanter/ TikTok

Gardening has seen a rise in popularity due to recent inflation sending the price of groceries skyrocketing — and with this trend comes innovative new ways to approach the pastime, including a viral TikTok hack for replanting with ease. 

The scoop

TikTok user Tanner Mitchell (@TannerThePlanter) shared a simple repotting method to ensure a perfectly sized (and perfectly centered) impression to insert your plant, meaning far less opportunities for a botched transplant.

As Mitchell demonstrates in a viral clip that has been viewed over a million times, first, you need to take the new, larger pot that you plan to repot your growing plant into and add a small amount of soil to the bottom.

Then, grab your smaller pot and carefully remove and set aside your plant. Center the smaller, empty pot inside the larger one, and fill them both with soil, ensuring that it gets around all sides of the small pot.

Once full, lift the smaller pot out and carefully place the plant inside and secure it by packing the soil around it.

@tannertheplanter I don't see me not using this plant hack in the future #planttips #planttiktok ♬ Up - Movie Theme - Giampaolo Pasquile

How it's helping

This hack can save you a lot of mess and a lot of fussing around with pots and soil. 

By using the old pot to prep your new one, you're sure to center your pot, not overfill (or underfill) it with soil, and keep the stress on your plant to a minimum.

Gardening — and particularly, growing your own produce — is good for your health and the health of the planet. Not only does it help you avoid consuming pesticides used in industrial farming, but it also helps cut down on the pollution created by shipping fruit and vegetables around the country to meet demands. 

What everyone's saying

With nearly 300 comments, Mitchell's video has even seasoned gardeners excited to learn something new. 

"Wish I saw this yesterday," writes a follower who clearly had done things the older, messier way.

Another says, "In my 3 years at Horticulture College, they never taught me this." 

"This just changed my life," another writes.

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