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Shopper in disbelief after stumbling on high-end, luxury accessories at thrift store: 'I would have been thrilled to just find one of these'

"You scored!"

"You scored!"

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Treasure hunting might evoke thoughts of pirates and buried chests of gold. Yet, sustainable shoppers are finding treasures all of the time at their local thrift stores.

In the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user posted their treasured thrift findings. Included in the haul was a stunning pink leather Coach bag for $9.99, Coach loafers, and ballet flats from Vince Camuto and Sam Edelman.

"You scored!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"You scored!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

While the thrifted prices are not shown for each piece, brands like Vince Camuto, Coach, and Sam Edelman sell similar products from anywhere between $100 and $400 each.

Shopping for vintage and secondhand items at thrift stores is an excellent way to consume more consciously and save some money.

What makes thrifting even more exciting is the potential to find treasures. Imagine finding a perfectly working espresso machine for $25 when it is worth $500. Or maybe a like-new luxury down jacket, originally priced around $1,000, for less than $10.

Focusing on the environmental benefits of thrifting, the amount of waste reduced from shopping secondhand is significant. Consider the role of shipping alone. Buying new clothes and products online, and from fast fashion stores, almost always rely on items being shipped. The International Energy Agency reported that 99% of all global shipping relies on dirty energy

Along with the reliance on dirty energy sources, shipping also increases waste. Paper and cardboard packaging alone account for 17% of global waste, and plastic packaging accounts for 12% of this waste, as per Forest Nation.

By shopping secondhand at thrift stores, you can eliminate the pollution from dirty energy sources and waste associated with buying new products.

Let's not forget about the economic benefits of thrifting either. The average American can spend upward of $450 on clothes and shoes alone every year. Since thrifted items are generally a third of their original price, even if you replaced only half of your clothing purchases with thrifted options, you'll save an estimated $75 per year. Learn more at the TCD guide on thrifting.

Users celebrated the OP's finds.

One user commented: "Wow! I would have been thrilled to just find one of these."

"Huzzah! You scored!" praised another user.

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