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Renter shares photo of final bouquet after landlord destroys wildflowers: 'That's just wrong'

"Sprinkle some more."

"Sprinkle some more."

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A heartbroken renter turned to Reddit after their landlord mowed down their wildflower patch.

In the subreddit r/gardening, the renter shared a photo of the last flower bouquet they picked before their landlord destroyed the garden.

Redditors were disappointed but not surprised.

"So pretty! My wildflower patch just got sprayed with pesticides without me knowing. Missing the bees!" commented one user.

"Sprinkle some more."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The use of outdoor spaces on rented properties can become a complicated issue, especially when landlords have the power to seemingly adjust their policies on the fly.

In another situation, a frustrated renter expressed their anger on Reddit after their landlord sprayed chemicals all over their garden, destroying the plants they'd spent months trying to grow.

When landlords tear out gardens or spray toxic chemicals, they not only harm the environment but also waste renters' time and money. While gardening has been found to improve mental and physical health, it's emotionally draining and frustrating to have plants you've spent months caring for suddenly destroyed. 

Replacing gardens with grass lawns also has an environmental cost

Traditional grass lawns require significant maintenance that produces carbon pollution. For example, Quiet Communities discovered that gas-powered lawn and garden equipment released 26.7 million tons of pollution in 2011. 

Allowing renters to grow native produce and plants reduces the use of gas-powered lawnmowers while also promoting the overall well-being of the ecosystem. Wildflower patches, for example, attract key pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. 

Renters or homeowners with HOAs can view TCD's guide to learn how to revise bylaws that prevent environmentally conscious actions.

It's unclear if the OP would want to take action in this particular case, but in the meantime, commenters empathized with them and offered advice.

"That's just wrong! Poor wildflower patch," commented one Redditor.

"That's so sad!!" wrote another user. "Sprinkle some more."

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