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Techie saves $300 through simple headphone maintenance: 'Makes a huge difference'

"More people need to know it's really cheap and easy."

Headphone repair

Photo Credit: u/maddiiv/ Reddit

A Reddit user has shared their tip for saving money on headphones — and all it takes is some online searching and a little elbow grease.

In a recent post on the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, a user shares a picture of their tip for extending the life of expensive wireless headphones. The photo shows an extra pair of circular ear pads that the user swapped out for new ones, thus maximizing the lifespan of their headphones.

"Repair instead of replacement saved me $300," the user writes in the post's caption.

The user explains in a comment that they found the extra earpads for the headphones on eBay. 

By maximizing the amount of time you use a product like headphones, you're saving yourself a ton of money by avoiding costly replacements. You're also cutting down on your personal waste by reducing the amount that you consume, which means that fewer old products and packaging end up in landfills, where they pollute our environment and contribute to the dangerous overheating of the planet.

The r/Anticonsumption subreddit has become an online sounding board for people to air their grievances about cheaply made products that constantly break, driving overconsumption and wasting our money, and to share tips about how to live more frugally and with more care for the environment. 

Other subreddits, like r/Visiblemending, provide a space to show off the creative ways that people extend the lives of their clothing and other possessions. Users cover up holes on sweaters that are falling apart by sewing on leaves and cats and have even found creative ways to repair their old laundry baskets.

Users shared their excitement about the headphone repair in the comments.

"Well done, and good idea posting this. More people need to know it's really cheap and easy to replace parts like this," one user writes

"Headband covers are also great for headphones where the pleather on the top gets greasy or flaky. Makes a huge difference," another user comments.

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