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Homeowner worried by dangerous effects of neighbor’s encroaching backyard modification: ‘That sounds like a nightmare’

“The only option you would have would be some sort of retaining wall at that point.”

"The only option you would have would be some sort of retaining wall at that point."

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The supposed appeal of artificial turf is how hassle-free it is, but one Redditor discovered quite the opposite after their neighbor had it installed.

“My neighbor replaced their backyard with astro turf now rain/snow melt runs on to my sidewalk. What can I do?” asked the poster on the r/Denver subreddit.

“The runoff rain goes into a tiny dirt alley and carries dirt/gravel out onto my side walk (a minor pain) and more importantly all winter the snow on his lawn melts and runs to my sidewalk and then creates an ice slick all year (bigger pain, possibly a liability). Anyone ever dealt with this kinda stuff? Help?” they continued

Not only is the artificial turf creating a potential hazard to the OP, but it’s also a hazard to the environment. 

For one, synthetic grass is made of plastic, which uses dirty energy in its production. Dirty energy sources, such as oil, have contributed to the rising temperatures and intensified natural disasters around the world.

On a more micro level, fake grass still requires regular watering to keep it clean and cool, dispelling any notion that it doesn’t require any upkeep. Furthermore, artificial turf can leach toxic microplastics and chemicals, posing a threat to humans, animals, and ecosystems in the surrounding area. 

All of these issues are compounded by the turf’s inability to absorb water runoff, creating a potentially treacherous walkway for the Redditor.

The comment section of the post offered potential solutions or next steps for the original poster to take.

“Sounds like a question for Denver Wastewater Management/Public Works. We pay fees based on how much of our property is impermeable,” replied one commenter.

“That sounds like a nightmare. The only option you would have would be some sort of retaining wall at that point,” another one wrote. 

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