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Shopper stunned to learn true value of $3 necklace purchased at thrift store: 'An absolute steal'

"Whoaaa really great find!"

“Whoaaa really great find!"

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Everyone knows the expression, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." But for one lucky secondhand shopper, these diamonds were even friendlier because they came cheap.

The thrifter shared a photo on Reddit's r/ThriftStoreHauls forum of their 14K gold necklace made with real diamonds that they purchased for $3 at a local store. In the caption, the user noted that the same Tennessee-shaped necklace retails for close to $425, making their investment "an absolute steal."

Photo Credit: u/Th15isJustAThrowaway / Reddit

Thrifting has numerous benefits besides just getting high-quality pieces of jewelry and clothes at a good price.

The jewelry industry can be an environmentally toxic one. To mine and refine the precious materials, companies have to release heavy metals and toxins like arsenic into the atmosphere and surrounding area. The industry is also reliant on dirty energy to mine, refine, and transport the materials. 

Instead, thrifting offers an opportunity to recycle jewelry pieces and give them another fashionable and new life. One report even found that thrifting can save folks over $1,700 per year by buying clothing, furniture, and jewelry secondhand.

It's also pretty satisfying to find a good piece from your local store. In the end, it just takes a good eye and an understanding of brands to find hidden treasure in the jewelry section (or others) at your local Goodwill.

Other users have shared their jewelry bargains on the forum. One user found a beautiful pair of earrings at a Salvation Army that retail for over $100. Another found a 14K gold and pearl necklace in the costume jewelry section. 

Several users in the comments were impressed by the quality of the necklace, as well as its creator. "Whoaaa really great find! Love this jewelry designer, she makes really cute pieces," a commenter shared

Other users joked about the shape of the necklace. "That's a chubby looking Tennessee," one user noted

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