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Homeowner defies frustrating HOA rule with their clever patio display: ‘Move along, nothing to see here’

“Fungi aren’t plants.”

Potted plants

Photo Credit: u/entgardener / Reddit

A Reddit user’s HOA only allows six potted plants on the front patio — but that isn’t stopping them from growing a lovely garden.

In a recent post to the r/Gardening subreddit, a user posted a picture of their front patio — which, in addition to holding six large potted flowers, also features over a dozen tiny cacti and drought-tolerant plants.

“I’ve been kindly reminded by the HOA that we are allowed 6 pots of live, healthy potted plants on our front patios. Don’t tell the cactus,” the user writes in their caption.

The right potted plants can have a tremendously positive effect on local ecosystems, as even a single plant can attract and support pollinators that help local vegetation thrive.

Other Reddit users offered a number of suggestions for getting around the HOA rule and expressed resentment toward these restrictive policies.

“Get 6 HUGE galvanized water troughs like for cattle and move all your plants into them. Sorted. Complain about THAT, HOA!,” one user writes.

“Verbiage is key in these types of disputes,” another user comments. “If it says ‘on the front patio’, simply move them into the yard. No prohibition or limit on potted plants in the yard. Move along nothing to see here.”

“Fungi aren’t plants,” a third user writes. “A nice decorative mushroom display would be a fun challenge.”

Residents around the country are constantly grappling with restrictive HOA policies that limit their ability to maintain eco-friendly lifestyles. Another Redditor recently condemned their local HOA for preventing them from installing solar panels on their home to save money while generating clean energy. 

Additionally, a couple in Maryland recently helped create a new state law protecting native plants — and it all started after their HOA tried to contest their rewilded lawn

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