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Expert gardener reveals common practice that may be killing your plants: 'You might be doing more harm than good'

"My plants grow so much better because of your tips."

“My plants grow so much better because of your tips."

Photo Credit: @joesgarden.official / Instagram

Overwatering your plants is arguably one of the worst ways to kill them. It's not that you neglected them — it's that you seemingly put in too much effort. 

One Instagram user has a hack to make sure this never happens to you again. 

The scoop 

Instagram gardener Joe (@joesgarden.official) posts a variety of upcycling and gardening tips on his page. 

His recent hack ensures that your potted plants will get the perfect amount of water (assuming Mother Nature doesn't decide to give them more). 

Instead of using a watering can to water your plants from the top, Joe suggests utilizing the holes at the bottom of your pot to absorb the water. His reasoning is that when you water from the top, the water will sometimes take "the path of least resistance" and run down the sides of the pot and out the drainage holes instead of thoroughly soaking the entire pot of soil. 

To solve this issue, you'll want to fill a bowl or tray with water and place your potted plant in it so the water soaks up and into the dry soil. If your pot is too big for this method, he explains you can also bury a smaller pot in the soil to pour water into, allowing it to get "straight down to the roots." 

By watering your plants from the top, "You might be actually doing more harm than good," Joe warns. 

How it's helping 

This hack is a perfect way to ensure that your potted plants stay happy and healthy. It also costs almost nothing, so it'll save you money in the long run by facilitating abundant produce and gorgeous flowers. The hack is particularly good for tomato plants, which are sensitive to drastic changes in soil dampness. 

Other recent plant hacks include making an eco-friendly pesticide and ways to keep slugs away from your plants. 

Growing any sort of plant, whether it's in a garden or a pot, is also a great way to curb the impact of air pollution and provide for local wildlife. 

Plants naturally take in carbon and release it as oxygen during photosynthesis — naturally cleaning the air. Also, the wildlife in your area, including insects and small animals, will appreciate the added greenery for food and shelter. 

What everyone's saying 

Commenters on the post were thrilled to find such an easy gardening hack. 

"My plants grow so much better because of your tips, especially this one. Thanks!" said one user. 

Others were empathetic to the struggle. "So practical, we've all done this mistake!" wrote another. 

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