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Tech user shares simple trick to extend the life of your charger: 'Highly recommend'

"Did this with a MacBook charger and it outlasted the laptop."

"Did this with a MacBook charger and it outlasted the laptop."

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Users online were recently introduced to an easy hack and set of tips to improve the life of their cords.

Tips and tricks to fight against planned obsolescence are becoming increasingly popular online as more and more consumers turn to DIY alternatives to prolong the lives of their electronics and save money.

In this instance, a Reddit user made a post to the r/Anticonsumption subreddit about taping sensitive cords. They shared an image of an iPhone headphone jack converter cable wrapped in electrical tape and wrote, "Highly recommend. worth the extra plastic to reduce the e-waste."

"Did this with a MacBook charger and it outlasted the laptop."
Photo Credit: Reddit

In the comments, a professional electrician weighed in, claiming, "I've never had issues with cables lasting for years."

They further advised consumers to use cord holders, avoid bending cables near the connecting ends, always plug and unplug cables by the connectors and not by the wire, and finally, to generally "avoid sharp bends in your cable" by respecting the minimum bend radius.

All in all, keep cables as straight as possible and avoid putting undue weight on the wiring.

Practices like these are important because e-waste adds up. In 2022, 68.3 million tons of electronics were discarded. What's worse is this waste is considered toxic by the World Health Organization, and it is often discarded in a way that makes it a public health hazard in vulnerable communities.

These healthy cord practices can also save people money. It's estimated that consumers currently lose up to $50,000 in a lifetime to planned obsolescence. Cheap products that are made to expire represent a tax on everyday people, and prolonging the lives of electronics benefits individuals and the environment.

There are organizations in plenty of areas of consumption that are trying to help consumers fight waste by improving the lifespan of the products they buy and offering opportunities to recycle and upcycle.

Users in the comments loved the tip and came armed with their own.

One endorsed the practice: "Did this with a MacBook charger and it outlasted the laptop."

Another suggested, "Shrink tubing is really good for this, too, especially at the collars."

Other people have had their patience for planned obsolescence break down completely, with another commenter quipping, "Sensitive, you mean poor quality."

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