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Cleaning specialist reveals the one filthy household item we should be cleaning more often: 'I'm about to do this tomorrow'

"This is how I got them really clean without the use of any harsh chemicals."

“This is how I got them really clean without the use of any harsh chemicals.”

Photo Credit: @kasha_home / TikTok

Have you ever taken your pillowcase or cover off and noticed how disgusting your pillow is? One TikTok user is showing folks how to keep their pillows clean with a simple, non-toxic hack

The scoop

TikTok user Kasha Home (@kasha_home) explains that she found out how disgusting her boyfriend's pillows were after moving in with him. One shot of the pillows shows discoloration, which she explains in the caption occurred only after a year of use.

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In the video, Kasha suggests filling the fabric softener dispenser of the laundry machine with a cup of distilled white vinegar and non-toxic laundry detergent before tossing the pillows in. She then sprinkles half a cup of baking soda on top to neutralize odors and soften the water. 

"This is how I got them really clean without the use of any harsh chemicals," Kasha explains. 

She also recommends tossing the pillows in the dryer with dryer balls afterward to prevent lumps from forming. It is recommended that you wash your pillows a few times a year to prevent them from getting too grubby. This hack works for many types of pillows, except for some, like MemoryFoam, that should not be washed. 

How it's helping

We can always use hacks that help us clean our homes and not hurt our wallets in the process. Kasha's hack uses ingredients that folks likely already have in their home and that do not pose a threat to human health like some synthetic chemical cleaners do. 

There are tons of eco-friendly laundry products that have minimal environmental impact, including Meliora. These products help you keep your clothes clean without having to worry about what kinds of chemicals are inside of them. 

What everyone's saying

One user asked in the comment section if using vinegar and baking soda canceled each other out, to which Kasha noted that because the vinegar was in the fabric softener dispenser, it stopped the mixing from occurring. 

"I'm about to do this tomorrow," another impressed viewer exclaimed. 

Other users were not keen on the idea of washing pillows. "Eeewwww just buy new ones!!!" one user suggested while others recommended pillow covers to prevent discoloration. 

But with an easy hack like this, you could save yourself money on new pillows. 

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