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Shopper stunned after finding cult-favorite pullovers side by side at thrift store: 'I'm so envious'

"Used up a year's worth of luck for these."

"Used up a year's worth of luck for these."

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They say three is the magic number, and one lucky thrift shopper provided evidence for that claim when they found side by side three pullovers by one of outdoor enthusiasts' favorite brands, Patagonia

The fortunate thrifter shared their amazing find in the r/ThiftStoreHauls subreddit, where many fellow shoppers expressed a mix of envy and excitement for the poster. 

The OP uploaded photos of their haul: One was a color-blocked blue-green and gray pullover, the second a basic black fleece sweater, and the third a brand new blue sweater with a wavy knit pattern, all for $8.99 or $9.99.

"Used up a year's worth of luck for these."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Used up a year's worth of luck for these."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Used up a year's worth of luck for these," they wrote above the photos.

Many thrifters are happy to stumble upon even one treasure on their hunt. Some have scored Frye leather boots, a Dolce & Gabbana dress, and an iconic Le Creuset Dutch oven, all for a mere fraction of retail price.

Of course, you don't need expensive tastes to enjoy thrift shopping. You can also get great deals on necessities such as clothing, kitchenware, and furniture. 

Buying secondhand keeps more money in your pocket while reducing the amount of trash in landfills, a double win for you and the planet. Shopping at thrift stores could save you around $75 annually (without any major finds) and keep roughly 20 pounds of clothing out of landfills. 

It's also better for the environment to buy secondhand items since it eliminates the need to use raw materials to make something new, reducing planet-warming pollution from producing and transporting goods. 

"Out with the new, in with the old" seems to be catching on, as Capital One Shopping reported that around one-third of apparel items purchased by Americans in the past year were secondhand. 

"B*** are you for real right now. I'm so envious!! Great finds, enjoy them!" one Redditor wrote.

"Wow! That's an awesome score!" another said.

"10 bucks? no way!! Gratz Dude they look pristine, I so want those," someone else said.

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