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Goodwill shopper reveals how they found rare clothing from Patagonia, Carhartt, and Levi's for a fraction of the list price

Carhartt, Patagonia, and Levi's are brands also recognized for their durable, warm, and fashionable clothing.


Photo Credit: u/Thriftedthreadsyeg/ Reddit

Spring is here, but much of the country still has chilly days ahead. One Redditor scored big at the thrift store on cold-weather essentials and heavy-duty brands that'll withstand the test of time — and a surprise blizzard or two.

In a viral Reddit post, the user shares photos of their thrift store haul. They found Carhartt pants, a two-tone Patagonia vest, and a Levi's lined denim jacket. This Redditor even hit the thrifting jackpot with a rare find: a vintage Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket from 1977. 

awesome weekend at the bins
by u/Thriftedthreadsyeg in GoodwillBins

This incredible haul came from the bins at a Goodwill Outlet where items are sold by the pound. This is the last stop before products are recycled. In other words, this Redditor scored these items for cheap.

The Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket is part of the Beaver State collection, a line of Native American–inspired trade blankets that date back to 1912

This collection includes shawls, robes, and blankets that were originally made for the Walla Walla, Cayuse, and Umatilla tribes that neighbored Pendleton's Oregon-based mill. 

These blankets were used for ceremonial practices and trade between Indigenous tribes.

The company began commissioning Native American artists for their designs in the 1990s. Their blankets and clothing use colors, symbols, and patterns that represent Indigenous values and stories. 

The blanket from this Reddit post has multiple listings on eBay for more than $100. Not only is this a fantastic deal, but Pendleton blankets are known for their high-quality wool and warmth. 

Carhartt, Patagonia, and Levi's are brands also recognized for their durable, warm, and fashionable clothing, making these items the perfect late-winter haul. 

Thrifting has become increasingly popular in recent years as consumers focus on finding unique secondhand pieces that are budget and environment-friendly. About 82% of Americans buy or sell pre-owned items. 

Thrifting scores like this one can save shoppers almost $150 a month or $1,760 a year on average. 

In the post's comment section, Redditors share their congratulations and envy over these thrift store finds. 

"Super jealous," one user writes. "Great finds!"

"That's an awesome haul. Especially love that sherpa-lined denim jacket," another user says.

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