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This free service helps you save money on your power bill — just by avoiding 'energy spikes'

When there's a surge in energy demand, OhmConnect will send you an alert.

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Power plants are pretty good at predicting how much energy we need. But when there's an unexpected spike in energy use, OhmConnect can help us from overburdening our grid and make us money in the process.

What is OhmConnect?

OhmConnect is a free service that alerts you when the energy grid is getting unexpectedly strained, and it rewards you for reducing your electricity consumption accordingly. 

If you help out and lower your electricity use, you'll earn rewards and save money, as electricity costs the most during these peak times.

When there's a surge in energy demand, OhmConnect will send you an alert — via text or email — that an energy-saving event, either an "OhmHour" (when the grid is expected to experience a surge in the next day) or an "AutoOhm" (when the grid is experiencing an unexpected surge right now) is coming up. 

These periods are when you can make the most money. With the notifications, you'll be alerted just how much you can potentially save by reducing your energy consumption. Just turning down your thermostat or turning off some extra lights is enough to help you make some passive income.

But you don't just earn by spending less on energy. By connecting smart devices to an OhmConnect account, you can convert the energy you've saved into rewards. These rewards can be redeemed in the form of gift cards, appliances, cash, and other prizes.

And since it's hard to predict when an unpredictable energy spike will happen, having smart devices act automatically ensures that you can get in on the action, all without needing to lift a finger.

How OhmConnect is good for the planet

When our energy markets don't perfectly predict how much electricity they need to produce, fast-acting power plants pick up the slack. The issue? These plants run on dirty energy sources, like coal and methane gas, that are overheating the planet.

According to OhmConnect, these power plants are between two and three times as harmful in terms of polluting our air with planet-warming gases. 

So by reducing energy use during these times of increased energy demand, the fast-acting dirty plants can stay off and keep our planet cooler. They can also reduce the chance that a blackout will occur. 
According to the OhmConnect website, its new users use a tenth less energy during summer months, when AC bills are the most expensive. So not only can you spend less on electricity when your bills are the highest, you can do the planet a favor in the process.

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