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Frugal homeowner shares little-known tip to slash your electricity bill nearly in half: 'All you have to do is call and ask'

Taking advantage of off-peak pricing is a smart way to shrink your utility bills.

Taking advantage of off-peak pricing is a smart way to shrink your utility bills.

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Want to save 20-40% on your electric bill? One simple phone call could help it happen, according to a popular TikTok video.

The scoop

Budgeting influencer Lydia Senn (@frugaldebtfreelife) recently shared a money-saving tip that has TikTok buzzing. In her video, she reveals that many electric companies offer discounted rates during "off-peak" hours when electricity demand is lower.

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"Many electric companies offer off-peak hours," Senn explains in the video. "Fewer people are using the energy grid, you can save 20-40% off your bill. All you have to do is call and ask."

How it's helping

Taking advantage of off-peak pricing is a smart way to shrink your utility bills.

By shifting energy-intensive activities like running the dishwasher or doing laundry to low-demand hours, you could slash your electric bill by up to 40%. That's hundreds of dollars back in your pocket annually, as long as you are indeed willing and able to move most of your usage to the electric company's stated off-peak hours.

But the benefits go beyond your bank account.

When we use less electricity during peak times, power plants can throttle down, releasing fewer dirty gases. The result? Cleaner air for our communities and less carbon pollution for the planet. While shifting your electricity use might feel like a small step, it adds up to a big impact.

Other ways to keep more money in your pocket and help the planet include switching to energy-efficient appliances, adding extra insulation to your home, and taking advantage of natural light when possible. 

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Organizations such as Arcadia for accessing clean energy, WattBuy for finding the best electricity rates, and Tesla's Smart Home products can help you implement these energy-saving techniques in your home.

What people are saying

Senn's video clearly struck a chord, with over 100 TikTokers chiming in to share their own experiences with off-peak energy use.

"I unplug EVERYTHING if it's not being used. fridge, freezer, stove, washer/dryer only things plugged in 24/7," wrote one commenter.

Others noted that off-peak pricing has long been common in their areas. "As an Australian this is something always offered, we have off peak and in peak rates," shared a user from down under.

Some even recalled growing up with off-peak-savvy parents. "My parents do this. not allowed to wash my clothes until after 7pm and weekends," read one comment. 

If Senn's TikTok has inspired you, try giving your electric company a ring. A five-minute phone call could put some serious savings in motion — for your wallet and the planet. In a world of complex problems, it's refreshing to find a climate solution that's as simple as asking.

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