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Homeowner shares before-and-after photo after ditching barren lawn: 'This doesn't even look like the same property'

"You have done a great job."

"You have done a great job."

Photo Credit: Reddit

It doesn't take too long to turn your basic backyard into a green oasis, as one homeowner recently discovered. 

The gardener shared the transformation of their Pittsburgh, Penn., property that was a simple "wall-to-wall lawn carpet" just three years ago. 

Photos of the blooming lawn were posted to the r/NoLawns subreddit, showcasing a stunning transformation from 2021 to 2024. In an older photo, the backyard is covered in short-cut grass stretching along the property. 

"The stuff of dreams."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Now, the lawn features colorful flora and fauna, with garden beds lining the fence lines. The homeowner revealed they reduced the amount of grass planted in the yard to just a small patch of eco-friendly and drought-tolerant grass that requires mowing once a month. 

Flowers and plants are now accompanied by bright green trees and a charming stone pathway. The blooming lawn has become a hub for wildlife in the area, according to the homeowner. 

"Many birds, bees and insects stop by my yard," they wrote. "We have fountains, houses, bird baths and feeders here. I started composting last year and it's been so much fun tossing greens and browns in there. Such a happy little eco-system I've created on this city lot."

As this homeowner has discovered, there are several benefits to growing and fostering a backyard filled with native plants. Where you live may determine what native plants you should grow in your yard, like black-eyed Susans, milkweed, or honeysuckle. These plants attract all kinds of pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, helping the local nature and wildlife thrive. 

There are also major benefits for homeowners as native plants and natural lawns can minimize strain on your wallet. Gardeners who grow native plants and opt for eco-friendly materials like mulch can save up to $275 on water each year, as well as $50 on fertilizer and $50 on pesticides or weed control. Natural lawns like clover or buffalo grass are also found to drastically decrease homeowners' use of water by thousands of gallons.

Fellow gardeners have raved over the recent stunning transformation. 

"Wow! This doesn't even look like the same property! It's beautiful! You have done a great job," one Reddit user wrote

"Stunning," another chimed in. "I'm trying to do the same thing with my yard!"

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