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Resident sparks awe with photos of neighbor's unconventional and lush lawn: 'I would stare at it for literally hours a day'

"So much nicer than a simple mowed lawn."

"So much nicer than a simple mowed lawn."

Photo Credit: iStock

Tired of wasting time and resources on a boring grass lawn that inevitably dies in the summer heat every year? Then maybe you should consider growing a native plant sanctuary instead. 

One home's beautiful yard in Austin, Texas, offers some stunning inspiration.

Posted under Reddit's r/NoLawns subreddit, a neighbor on an afternoon stroll captured pictures of another neighbor's lush, thriving yard full of native plants. With a backdrop of textured green foliage, yellow, red, blue, and purple flowers dot the yard with pops of color.

"So much nicer than a simple mowed lawn."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"If that were my yard, I would stare at it for literally hours a day," commented one Redditor.

Not only are native plant yards beautiful, but they have a number of environmental benefits as well.

Native plant yards are landscapes that utilize the area's naturally growing plants with historical roots that can date back thousands of years. These plants have adapted to the region's moisture level, soil, weather, and ecosystem — of which these plants have become embedded. 

An integral part of the ecosystem, native plants have mutualistic bonds with other native wildlife. Native flowers attract local pollinators as a food resource, while their visits simultaneously fertilize the plants for regrowth. 

It is a continuous cycle that benefits the entire ecosystem and humans, too, helping to grow produce anew each spring. The more pollinators attracted to your garden, the larger, tastier, and more bountiful your fruits and vegetables will be.

If you want to create a beautiful yard that saves you time and money on yard maintenance, choose a native plant yard. Native plant yards require less maintenance — no more time wasted on constant mowing and weeding. Plus, many native plants can survive solely on their region's rainfall, so you won't have to waste any more time or money watering the plants.

If you're still on the fence or aren't ready to fully commit to a native plant yard, even partially replacing your grass lawn with native plants will see you reaping a portion of the environmental, time, and money-saving benefits.

In response to the beautiful native-plant landscape shared on Reddit, commenters were in awe — and somewhat envious, too.

"So much nicer than a simple mowed lawn," wrote one user.

"That s*** is luscious," commented another Redditor.

"That's exactly the kind of front yard I want," wrote one.

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