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Homeowner shares jaw-dropping before-and-after photos of transformation from dying lawn to garden paradise: 'Did all the landscaping myself'

What started as a dried-out lawn became an inviting garden full of flowers and statues.

native plant paradise, dying lawn to garden paradise

Photo Credit: u/SadAcanthocephala521 / Reddit

One Redditor's incredible front yard got lots of attention on r/NoLawns in June.

Homeowners on this popular subreddit have shared a range of creative and beautiful alternatives to grass. Many of these plants are easier to grow and need less maintenance and water, so they're becoming more popular.

But few of the designs from r/NoLawns have been as incredible as the paradise this Redditor shared.

"Did all the landscaping myself," said the Redditor, sharing more than a dozen photos of the transformation.

Photo Credit: u/SadAcanthocephala521 / Reddit

What started as a dried-out lawn became an inviting garden full of flowers and statues. A trellis covered in flourishing vines and hanging planters arches over a flagstone path that curves around a small tree. The path leads up to a small courtyard with a curved concrete bench just in front of the Redditor's porch steps. A small fountain adds to the atmosphere and invites birds and insects to drink.

The photos also include several images of the garden at night, lit up by garden lights, a tiki torch, and a fire pit in the middle of the deck seating area. One of the statues even held a small tea light.

According to the Redditor, this unbelievable change took time and dedication. "My front yard was grass when I moved in 4 years ago," they said. They explained they first built their deck, then spent two summers building and planting the rest.

They also shared that there's more left to be done. "Trying to grow creeping thyme between the flagstone, but it's slow going," they said in a comment.

"How do you keep weeds from growing in the cracks on your stone path?" asked another user.

"I pull them," the original poster replied.

Homeowners who want to enjoy gorgeous landscaping without spending four years doing it themselves can work with companies like Yardzen, a company creating unique yard designs with handpicked native plants.

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