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Garden expert shares best plant for keeping garden pests at bay: 'They bring so many different benefits'

Thanks to this gardening hack, folks can opt for natural, non-toxic methods for treating pests in their yards.

Thanks to this gardening hack, folks can opt for natural, non-toxic methods for treating pests in their yards.

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Companion planting is a simple way to optimize your garden. By growing plants that have a symbiotic relationship, you can prevent pests and support the local ecosystem. 

Organic gardening expert Jess Gough (@happy_smallholding) explains in a video why nasturtiums make an excellent companion plant and why you should add them to your garden.

The scoop

Nasturtiums are a type of annual plant that grows edible flowers. Jess recommends adding these vibrant buds to your garden as a natural pest remedy

According to Jess, nasturtiums act as a sacrificial plant, preventing pests from destroying produce growing nearby. Nasturtiums not only attract caterpillars away from brassicas, but they also attract predators, such as ladybirds and hoverflies, that help control aphid populations. 

Nasturtiums are also great for the local ecosystem, as they attract pollinators. This makes them a great companion plant for fruits and vegetables, which rely on insects to pollinate their buds. 

Jess recommends planting nasturtiums near your brassicas, beans, squash, cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, aubergines, or peppers. Start sowing your nasturtiums in May, 1.5 centimeters (half inch) deep with two to a pot. Water your nasturtiums and bring them inside to germinate. You can plant them outside after the last frost. 

"When it comes to planting them in the garden, I tend to dot nasturtiums all over the garden because they bring so many different benefits to the garden," Jess noted in the caption. "Nasturtiums are hungry plants, so space each plant at least 30 cm [12 inches] from your crops and trail them back through."

How it's helping

Jess is teaching TikTokers how to grow a successful, healthy garden. Thanks to the gardening hack, TikTokers can opt for natural, non-toxic methods for treating pests in their yards.

By adding more companion plants like nasturtiums to your garden, you can also successfully grow more produce in your yard. When you plant fruits and vegetables, you ensure your food is organic. Growing your own produce also saves you money on groceries and reduces the demand for globally shipped, mass-produced food.

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Tending to a garden on a consistent basis is a great way to improve both your mental and physical health. Recent studies show that individuals who garden report reduced levels of stress as well as higher levels of well-being. 

What everyone's saying 

TikTokers appreciated discovering the gardening hacks and shared their own experiences growing nasturtium.

"Thank you so much for your advice Jess!!" commented one user.

"I'm growing a new purple and magenta type," wrote another TikToker. "They make delicious tea."

"Just found a self-seeded nasturtium plant in one of my raised beds," responded one user. "Just potted the little guy up and brought it inside to keep him going."

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