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Gardener shares a nifty hack for growing mushrooms in unused area of your garden: 'Never buy mushrooms again'

"What a wonderful way to grow more in a small space."

"What a wonderful way to grow more in a small space."

Photo Credit: Instagram

The idea of starting a garden can be slightly intimidating, but one Instagrammer has some tips that will make you wonder why you haven't started already.

The scoop

Digital creator and garden enthusiast Dagny Kream (@thecottagepeach) recently shared a video revealing a very helpful hack for utilizing those shady, underused areas in the garden for growing mushrooms — and it's easier than you think.

"Never buy mushrooms again," she starts off the video. 

All you need is woodchips, mushroom spores, and a shaded space in the garden. You can even purchase sawdust that comes pre-filled with the type of mushrooms you want. 

Keep the area damp, and within a few months, you'll have harvested your own mushrooms that will continue to grow for years to come.

Dagny chose wine cap mushrooms specifically because "they're tasty and easy to identify." These mushrooms are a great choice to harvest since they have no toxic lookalikes. 

Be mindful when choosing which mushrooms to grow. It's always important to be able to differentiate between edible and harmful mushrooms.

How it's helping

Mushrooms are ridiculously good for you. Naturally low in fat and sodium, these versatile plants are packed with nutrients and health benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to brain health.

Growing your mushrooms and other food saves money on produce. Grocery prices have risen 2.9% in the last year, and that's coming off of already increased prices from the previous years. So anything you can do to minimize that grocery bill is helping your wallet. 

Gardening also decreases the demand for mass-produced, store-bought, and globally shipped produce which reduces your overall environmental impact. It's fewer trips to the store which means less gas resulting in lower air pollution contributions.

Studies have proven that those who garden are healthier than those who don't due to increased physical exercise and overall fiber intake.

Whether you have a big yard or are living that concrete suburban life in a tiny apartment, gardening is an option. Especially now that community gardens are becoming more mainstream. 

What everyone's saying

Instagram followers were elated by Dagny's simple hack.

"What a wonderful way to grow more in a small space," marveled one follower.

Another commented, "Nice job utilizing your resources!"

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