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Gardener shares her foolproof hack for growing food while living in an apartment: 'They work'

Folks who live in high-rises and urban spaces don't have to miss out on the benefits of gardening.

Folks who live in high-rises and urban spaces don’t have to miss out on the benefits of gardening.

Photo Credit: @ohshegrows / TikTok

Living in an apartment shouldn't mean that you have to be left out of activities like gardening. One user is taking to TikTok to show others how they can grow a garden in their apartment. 

The scoop

Tasha (@ohshegrows) shared her favorite fall veggies to grow in pots, including collard greens, broccoli, spinach, and radishes in one of her TikTok videos

@ohshegrows Fall veggies to grow if you live in an apartment. #gardening101 #marylandgarden #zone7garden #fallgarden #KFCSecretMenuHacks ♬ original sound - kooze

The healthy fall plants were seen sprouting up from small pots in her Maryland garden. 

How it's helping

Gardening can often be seen as an exclusionary practice for those living in small spaces. But, plants like the ones Tasha shared can actually thrive in containers, which makes them perfect for folks living in areas with small decks or porches. 

Other users have shared the benefits of apartment container gardening with their internet following, noting that it makes them feel good about cultivating something. Plus, growing your own food reduces the miles your favorite produce has to travel to reach your plate. 

There have also been several studies done about the benefits of gardening. One study in Singapore indicated that participants, particularly those who experience gardening in urban spaces, reported better well-being and resilience to change than folks who didn't experience gardening. 

Another study noted that gardening has benefits for physical well-being, too. Individuals who grow their own food report eating more fiber (after all, we all like snacking and working), as well as more opportunities for physical activities. 

Folks who live in high-rises and urban spaces don't have to miss out on these benefits since the secret might just be an old five-gallon bucket and some soil. 

What everyone's saying

Users were impressed with Tasha's plant recommendations and shared a few of their favorites to grow. 

One user shared that they grew lettuce, bell peppers, strawberries, and kale in containers, while others noted that herbs like basil and green onions also grow well in small spaces. 

One user even noted that they had grown a watermelon in a container. Tasha notes that she also grew a watermelon on her balcony, but the fruit doesn't like the cool fall temperatures around this time of year. 

Another user said, "Yes. I need all of these veggies in my apt." 

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