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Home cleaning expert demonstrates one-ingredient hack to remove stubborn shower mold: 'Bubbling action means it's killing [it]'

"Mold lives in your drains as well, it won't come back as quickly if you clean that too!"

“Mold lives in your drains as well, it won’t come back as quickly if you clean that too!”

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With the hustle and bustle of our daily routines, it can be difficult and time consuming to consistently keep our bathrooms clean.

Fortunately, TikToker and home cleaning expert Neat Caroline (@neat.caroline) shared a quick, easy, and pain-free hack to remove shower mold growth, and the best part is you will only need one ingredient for this cleaning shortcut.

@neat.caroline How to get rid of shower mold! #fyp #mold #mildew #showertips #bathroomclean #shower ♬ original sound - Neat Caroline

How it works

Caroline's anti-mold solution is simple and only requires 3% hydrogen peroxide. In her video, Caroline recommends replacing the lid of the hydrogen peroxide bottle with a spray nozzle to evenly spread it around the affected areas of your shower.

"Bubbling action means it's killing mold!" read the caption.

After letting the hydrogen peroxide sit and bubble for 10 minutes, scrub off the residue using the rough side of a sponge (or a scrub brush). Once you're all done, rinse the solution with hot water and enjoy a cleaner bathroom experience.

How it's helping

Mold exposure creates serious health risks, and removing it from your home can be costly. Depending on the amount found in your home, professional mold removal can cost anywhere between $1,128 and $3,450. If left unchecked, mold can damage your home's structure and pollute indoor air quality. It's best to remove mold as soon as possible to protect your health, your finances, and your home. 

Further, many popular cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes and cause harm to the environment when they wash down drains and enter waterways. 

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Getting creative with natural cleaning methods like this — Caroline shared a similar hack for removing soap scum — will benefit your health and the environment while also reducing waste, as many traditional cleaning products come in plastic bottles and containers. 

What everyone's saying

Other TikTokers shared similar cleaning methods and tips to prevent mold growth and keep their bathrooms clean.

"I use dawn mixed with vinegar let it sit for 40 minutes then scrub & I use this as my last step," one user commented.

"Mold lives in your drains as well, it won't come back as quickly if you clean that too!" one TikToker said.

"You should wear gloves and a mask when removing mold," someone added. "Safety first."

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