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Shopper sparks envy after sharing photos of 'gorgeous' high-end furniture found at thrift store: 'They're beauties'

"What a great score, so happy for you!"

"What a great score, so happy for you!"

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American consumers spend approximately $746 per piece of furniture in their homes, according to Statista. But if you're thrift-store savvy, you could lower that price to just $9 and get something unique and beautiful. 

One lucky thrift store shopper recently found a pair of stunning luxury chairs and posted photos to r/ThriftStoreHauls on Reddit. 

"What a great score, so happy for you!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"What a great score, so happy for you!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"The cane is in great condition!" the thrifter shared in the caption. "I shampooed them, and the original upholstery seems pretty good too."

The chairs came with a label displaying the name Maxwell Home Furnishings of Charlotte, North Carolina, and Showpieces by Lewittes, along with the style, fabric, and color numbers.

Surprise thrift store finds are trending big on social media, and people of all backgrounds and with all kinds of style preferences are feeling inspired to shop secondhand before buying new. 

For example, one thrifty shopper snagged a vintage rattan rocker chair for $6.99, while similar new ones sell for hundreds of dollars online. 

Another thrifter discovered a medieval-inspired dining table full of character that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

However, thrifting can be much more than just a fun hobby and a way to save money on household furnishings. 

The industry is experiencing tremendous growth, with ThredUP projecting the global secondhand market to reach $350 billion by 2028. 

Buying thrift shop furniture gives stunning pieces a second life and helps keep large, unrecyclable items out of landfills. Buying preloved furniture empowers you to participate in the circular economy by reusing resources and reducing waste. This is a growing concern because Americans toss out over 12 million tons of furniture each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Followers of the subreddit described the chairs as vintage, elegant, and lovely. 

"These are gorgeous!" one Redditor exclaimed. "What a great score, so happy for you!"

"Those look so fab!" another wrote.

"Only suitable for discussions revolving around India while sipping strong Turkish coffee," another person joked. "They're beauties."

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