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Home chef shares 'genius' mason jar trick using an unexpected item: 'That's so smart'

"OK, I'm so doing this."

"OK, I'm so doing this."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Tired of wrestling with mason jar lids and spilling contents everywhere when you pour? One clever TikToker has the perfect hack to turn any mason jar into an easy-pour dispenser in seconds.

The scoop

In a recent video, organization influencer The Organizer Man (@the.organizer.man), also called Dan, demonstrates how to give a mason jar a handy pour spout using items you probably already have on hand.

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"Hey everybody, it's Dan! Here's a great tip for a pour spout for a mason jar," he says.

"Use your jar lid as a template for cutting the pour spout off of [a milk] carton in place of the lid. Pop your carton spout in. Boo-yah."

The video shows Dan tracing a mason jar lid onto a milk carton, then cutting out the pour spout. He pops the spout into the jar opening, transforming it into a dispenser perfect for popcorn kernels, sugar, or any dry goods.

How it's helping

This clever trick doesn't just save you the hassle of unscrewing lids and making a mess every time you need to pour from a jar. It also gives food packaging, like milk cartons, a useful second life.

Americans go through over 300 pounds of plastic per person each year, much of which ends up in landfills, per MarketWatch. There, it can take hundreds of years to decompose, all the while releasing planet-warming methane.

Finding ways to reuse everyday items, even small ones like carton spouts, helps keep waste out of landfills and reduces the demand for new plastics made from unrenewable resources. It's a small step that can add up to a big impact for the planet.

Plus, upcycling is a great way to save money on organizing supplies. With this hack, you can create a sleek dispenser without spending a dime on new containers.

However, if you can't find a use for old items and want to get them off your hands, organizations such as ThredUP, For Days, and GotSneakers will upcycle them and even give you cash back in some cases.

What people are saying

TikTokers are loving this simple but effective organization tip. Comments are rolling in:

"That's so smart! OK, I'm so doing this," one said.

One simply commented, "Genius."

"That's brilliant," another shared.

Clearly, Dan's eco-friendly hack is a hit. Will you be giving your mason jars an upcycled upgrade?

Getting creative with the items we already have is an easy way we can all cut down on waste and save money while keeping our homes tidy. Hacks like this make sustainable living feel doable and fun.

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