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This outrageous $32 million home has a special, surprising feature — and it's all thanks to a Tesla-made battery

The 14,429-square-foot ranch-style house, located in Malibu, is asking $32 million.

Tesla Powerwall solar battery

Photo Credit: Tanveer Badal Photography

The first "zero carbon-ready home" in California is on the market, and it definitely won't come cheap.

The 14,429-square-foot modern ranch-style house, located in Malibu, is listed at $32 million. The project is a collaboration among Burdge Architects, developer Crown Pointe Estates,, engineering consultant Beyond Efficiency, and sustainability consultant Stok.

In order to justify its high price tag — a big ask even for Malibu, where the median listing price for the past year through March 2023 was $5 million — the house, named Zero One, offers six bedrooms, six baths, three half-baths, a gym, a home theater, and designated courts for bocce, basketball, and horseshoes.

And, of course, there are the "zero carbon-ready" features, which include an electrical system supported by Tesla solar panels and batteries. According to the developer, the home was built using sustainably sourced lumber and steel (including recycled steel content). The developer also planted 317 trees on the property.

The house has sought a Zero Carbon Certification from the International Living Future Institute. This certification recognizes energy-efficient buildings that "are designed and operated to fully account for their carbon emissions impacts."

The type of Tesla battery system used in the home, called the Powerwall, is part of a recent green energy initiative by Tesla. Paired with Tesla solar panels, it could potentially save consumers a lot of money on electricity by allowing them to generate their own solar energy at home and store it for future use or even to sell to the government. 

The initial investment for regular homeowners won't come cheap but neither will it cost $32 million.

Luckily for everyone who can't afford a $32 million ranch house in Malibu, taking steps to reduce your own carbon footprint doesn't necessarily have to include purchasing a modern luxury mansion. You can do tons of different things, from growing your own food to refusing to give in to fast fashion to even installing non-Tesla branded solar panels.

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