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This cosmetics brand will pay you for each of your old, empty containers — here's how to take advantage

You'll reap the benefits and experience the added satisfaction of giving containers a second life.

Lush recycling program

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Calling all eco-conscious beauty lovers — Lush has revamped its pot-return recycling program, adding more flexible and accessible rewards for each empty product you trade in. 

How does Lush's Bring It Back recycling program work?

Lush, the beloved sustainable cosmetics brand, recently rebranded its recycling program, now called Bring It Back. Its previous program rewarded customers with a free face mask for returning five empty containers.

When the company learned its return rate was only 15% of pots produced, it wanted to revitalize the program. To improve its closed-loop recycling system — a circular system in which packaging is broken down to create a new version of the same product — Lush now accepts any single qualifying pot and offers $1 off a customer's next in-store purchase. 

Those that prefer the free face mask trade-in can still do so under the revised program. 

In a few steps, you can swap out your empties for your preferred reward. First, enjoy your favorite Lush items, using every last drop of product. Then, clean out your empty container, removing any residue or liquid. 

Return to any Lush location with black or clear pots over 45 grams or 1.5 ounces for $1 off your next purchase or five empties for a free face mask. You'll reap the benefits and experience the added satisfaction of giving containers a second life. 

Why should I participate in Lush's Bring It Back recycling program? 

The Bring It Back recycling program allows you to save money on your next purchase simply by returning empty pots

Empty beauty containers can accumulate quickly, especially when you're saving them to find the best recycling method. You can declutter your bathroom and shop at Lush guilt-free knowing you disposed of packaging correctly. 

You'll also help the environment by supporting Lush's closed-loop recycling system.

Greenpeace estimates that the amount of plastic recycled is around 5%, mostly because it is expensive to collect and sort. 

Lush has taken this problem into its own hands. The company sends empties to its recycling partners for shredding, washing, and pelletizing. The raw materials produced create new pots for Lush products. 

By returning your empties, you're minimizing your personal consumption and Lush's impact on the environment.

Are there similar programs to Lush's Bring It Back program? 

Lush isn't the only beauty brand on a mission to reuse packaging. Other companies have similar trade-in programs that allow you to recycle empties and save money on future purchases. 

MAC Cosmetics' BACK 2 MAC program encourages customers to return six empty makeup containers for a free tube of lipstick to minimize plastic waste. Another beauty brand, L'Occitane, accepts packaging for beauty, skincare, and hair care products. In return, you'll receive 10% off your purchase the same day. 

If hair care products are more your speed, InStyler has a recycling program that sends you a 35% off coupon code for mailing in old hair styling tools for recycling.

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