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Shopper ecstatic after checking pockets of high-end jeans purchased at thrift store: 'This is like winning the lottery'

"It pays for itself."

“It pays for itself."

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Shopping secondhand can have unexpected perks, as this Redditor found when their new-to-them jeans literally paid for themselves.

This story comes from r/ThriftStoreHauls, where shoppers show off the valuable products they buy secondhand. Their finds range from high-end cookware to $1,900 wallpaper — but this Redditor took the cake by buying actual money.

 Levi Ribcage jeans
Photo Credit: u/Shzwah / Reddit

"Thrifted these Levi Ribcage jeans and found $20 in the pocket!" they said in a celebratory Reddit post. The accompanying photo shows both the jeans (a name brand in excellent condition) and the $20 bill.

"How much were the jeans?" asked one commenter.

"$7.99!" the original poster replied.

"-$12.01," another commenter corrected, which prompted the original poster to respond with laughing emojis.

"It pays for itself," said a third user.

"And one or two more things!" the original poster agreed.

Even without the extra $20 in the pocket, buying clothes at a thrift store is a smart move. They're much cheaper secondhand, even though many of the pieces you can find on the racks are new or close to new. Some are high-end brands that would be difficult to afford at retail prices. 

Plus, the more people buy secondhand, the less used clothes end up in landfills, and the less new clothes need to be manufactured and shipped around the country.

It's also just fun to find that occasional treasure. "This is like winning the lottery," one Redditor commented.

Other users were full of stories about the money they'd found at thrift stores. "I recently thrifted a Burberry men's suit and there was $200. In the breast pocket," said one commenter.

"Here's a tip. When thrifting always look for Bibles. People put all kinds of stuff in Bibles," said another Redditor. They also added, "My friend picked up the Shining from Stephen King at a thrift and found 6 $100 bills on various pages."

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